Consulting Services

Due to limited exposure using Precast Concrete System in Malaysia and Singapore, there is a shortage of design experts in the local precast construction industry. JEKS, through its Design Department, offers high quality and independent services in design development, value engineering and alternative design to the specific requirements of its clients. JEKS’ Design Department consists of highly qualified and experienced professional engineers (both foreign and local) specialized in precast design.

JEKS design services are tailored to its client’s requirements, ranging from system development, structural analysis and framing plans to complete structural design and detailing, inclusive of production and construction drawings, as well as a clash analysis of other trades such as Mechanical and Electrical services.

Using advanced software such as Tekla Structures, Staad Pro, as well as various other in-house and external software, JEKS design engineers are able to develop the most feasible structural system and detailing for our clients.