Specialist Precast System and Installation Contractor

Our specialty is as a precast system contractor and installer of various kinds of precast and prefabricated systems and components. We have more than 100 implemented precast system projects over the last twenty years, where we have been installer and/or complete system supplier and implementer.

Our service includes design, system development and cost engineering to select the most feasible system for the client, site planning, machinery planning, supply and operation, installation and grouting of all components and related in-situ or steel structures to complete the structural system with floor finishes.

Our trademark is fast-track and timely delivery of the projects we are involved in. We have implemented several sizeable and fast-track project in recent years, such asĀ :

  • B Braun Factories, Penang
  • DHL Warehouse and Office, Shah Alam
  • HP Factory, Penang
  • Ceva 2 Warehouse, Shah Alam
  • San Disk Factory, Penang
  • HP Extension in Tuas, Singapore
  • Schenker Logistic Hub in Tuas, Singapore