KSKB Student Hostel and Staff Quarters

KSKB Student Hostel and Staff Quarters

Client : Ibuzawa Corporation Sdn Bhd

Project : 2 Blocks 9 storey Staff Quarters Type D, 2 Block 5 storey for Staff Quarters Type E and G and 3 Blocks 9 Storey for Student Apartments.

Structural System:
Precast Columns, Precast Beams, Precast Walls, Precast Staircase, Precast Staircase Wall, Precast Landing Slab and Precast Hollow Core Slabs.

Scope of works:
Design of structural systems, production drawings for the manufacturing, construction and installation drawings, co-ordination of the logistics, Installation of precast components, grouting of joints, beam topping concrete and related works. Site planning and management of the above works. Supply of all machinery for installation and site works.

Completion Period: 10 months (March 2006 – January 2007).