PTP2 Warehouse Project

PTP2 Archi

JEKS Engineering Sdn Bhd secured a project for the construction of the Pali PTP 2 Volkswagen Distribution Center, located in the Port of Tanjung Pelebas, Johor, Malaysia. JEKS is the main-contractor and precast supplier for the project, a warehouse measuring approximately 105,000m² in gross floor area (GFA).

The precast components will be manufactured in JEKS’ own factories, located in Senai, Johor, and Senawang, Negeri Sembilan. The precast components include hollow core slabs, columns, beams, walls, dock levelers, planks, and staircases. The biggest contract in JEKS’ history, construction is expected to take up to 15 months and to be completed in 3rd Quarter 2018.

Client :  Pan Asia Logistics Investments Pte Ltd

Construction Period : 15th February- 15th May 2018 (15 months)

Structural System : Precast hollow core slab, precast column, precast beams, precast walls, precast dock levelers, precast planks, precast staircases

Scope of Works : Main contractor. Design, manufacture and installation of precast components, grouting of joints, beam top concrete and related works. Site planning and management of the above works